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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Appleton 1616 Brundall, Norfolk Ellys Sowels
Edith Appleton 1710 Deane, Hampshire John Green
Elenora Appleton 1639 Fleet, Lincolnshire Thomas Atkins
Elizabeth Hockley Appleton 1811 Deane, Hampshire Joseph Grace
Francis Appleton 1780 Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire Thomas Blake
Francis Appleton 1833 Harwell, Berkshire Mary Ann Blissett
James Appleton 1704 Acle, Norfolk Mary Backhouse
James Appleton 1739 Acle, Norfolk Lydia Riley
Jane Appleton 1693 Wantage, Berkshire John Bird
Jane Appleton 1799 Deane, Hampshire Charles Swain
John Appleton 1746 Acle, Norfolk Elizabeth Simons
John Appleton 1771 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Ann Budworth
Joseph Appleton 1779 Wantage, Berkshire Elizabeth Brooks
Lydia Appleton 1743 Acle, Norfolk Arthur Cooper
Margaret Appleton 1744 Acle, Norfolk John Bray
Margery Appleton 1630 Bradfield, Berkshire Edmunde Welles
Marie Appleton 1653 West Hendred, Berkshire William Woodlye
Martha Appleton 1805 Deane, Hampshire William Hunt
Peter Appleton 1588 St Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon Joan Ketch
Richard Appleton 1784 Bramley, Hampshire Ann Tiggell
Rowland Appleton 1685 Bramley, Hampshire Mary Alexander
Sarah Appleton 1689 Wantage, Berkshire Richard Cummin
Sarah Appleton 1786 Deane, Hampshire William Elford
Sarah Appleton 1806 Wootton St Lawrence, Hampshire Thomas Kew
Thomas Appleton 1678 Marlborough St Peter and St Paul the Apostles, Wiltshire Frances Pike