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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Clemence Antil 1726 West Chelborough, Dorset John Watklns
Job Antil 1786 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire Rebeccah Pates
William Antil 1745 Risley, Derbyshire Eliza Atkin
Ann Antill 1801 Coaley, Gloucestershire John Smith
Ann Antill 1812 Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire Thomas Collett
Elizabeth Antill 1673 Weston-on-Trent, Derbyshire James Rose
Elizabeth Antill 1770 Spondon, Derbyshire Hymphry Hudson
George Antill 1734 Spondon, Derbyshire Ann Davison
John Antill 1613 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire Margaret Marshall
John Antill 1697 Spondon, Derbyshire Pascha Renshew
John Antill 1812 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire Sarah King
Mary Antill 1744 Spondon, Derbyshire James Whitehead
Mary Antill 1777 Spondon, Derbyshire William Osborne
Sarah Antill 1729 Spondon, Derbyshire Jos Houton
Sarah Antill 1735 Duffield, Derbyshire Joseph Osborne
Sarah Antill 1778 Spondon, Derbyshire John Lamb
Susana Antill 1694 Charminster, Dorset Henry Harbin
Thomas Antill   Charminster, Dorset Mary Tisard
Will Antill 1702 Spondon, Derbyshire Mary Braddock
William Antill 1607 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Alee Eastman
William Antill 1787 Spondon, Derbyshire Jane Joice
William Antill 1803 Spondon, Derbyshire Elizabeth Dalby