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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Edward Ann 1667 Stert, Wiltshire Ms. Jone
Lucy Ann 1687 Christian Malford, Wiltshire William Hemry
Mary Ann 1802 Mere, Wiltshire Alfred Ryall
Mrs Ann 1699 Boscombe, Wiltshire Robert Pope
Mrs Ann 1742 Mere, Wiltshire David Dunn
Mrs. Ann 1695 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire Roger Pinkney
Mrs. Ann 1705 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire William Swanton
Mrs. Ann 1715 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire George Penney
Mrs. Anna 1677 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Richard Vivyan Thankfull Owen
Elizabeth Annabell 1697 Weston-on-Trent, Derbyshire Luke Brown
Ann Annable 1717 Duffield, Derbyshire Henry Heming
Ann Annable 1805 Duffield, Derbyshire Joseph Walker
Ann Annable 1825 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Thomas Starbrook
Benjamin Annable 1760 Duffield, Derbyshire Rebecca Varney
Eliz Annable 1746 Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire Isaac Greaves
Elizabeth Annable 1683 Duffield, Derbyshire Joseph Morrill
Elizabeth Annable 1698 Duffield, Derbyshire John Forman
Elizabeth Annable 1705 Duffield, Derbyshire Richard Poysar
Elizabeth Annable 1729 Duffield, Derbyshire Henry Syms
Elizabeth Annable 1744 Duffield, Derbyshire Thomas Bate
Elizabeth Annable 1760 Lolworth, Cambridgeshire Richard Day
Elizabeth Annable 1789 Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire Thomas Ward
Elizabeth Annable 1789 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire James Ford
Elizabeth Annable 1797 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire William Mansfield
Elizth. Annable 1728 Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire Job Bradshaw