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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Joan Androw 1643 Uffculme, Devon Edward Page
Johan Androw 1644 Uffculme, Devon Thomas Warren
John Androw 1665 Uffculme, Devon Joane Sheepheard
Richord Androw 1658 Uffculme, Devon Nicholas Hollway
Robert Androw 1578 Kingsdon, Somerset Elenoram Domit
Alys Androwe 1562 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire Thomas Harrys
Anstice Androwe 1619 Uffculme, Devon William Clarke
Ellen Androwe 1572 Moulton, Lincolnshire Jhon Martyn
Thomas Androwe 1613 Moulton, Lincolnshire Elizabetha Wright
Ursula Androwe 1561 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire John Harrys
Catherine Androwes 1623 West Hatch, Somerset Phillipp Brooke
Constance Androwes 1620 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire John Coomes
Elizabeth Androwes 1559 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Thomas Wakeford
Harry Androwes 1587 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Elnor Lye
Joane Androwes 1601 Allington, Dorset Stephen Eggerdon
Joane Androwes 1609 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Thomas Tyther
John Androwes 1560 Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset Isable Langbridge
John Androwes 1567 Wantage, Berkshire Alice Loder
John Androwes 1623 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Margarett Golden
John Androwes 1634 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Mary Jefferie
Margarit Androwes 1603 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Richard Palmer
Rafe Androwes 1615 Wraxall, Somerset Ellin Calis
Richard Androwes 1575 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Jone Gybboll
Richard Androwes 1596 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Anne Sineger
Richard Androwes 1610 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Agnes Jenkins