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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Denes Andros 1602 Harwell, Berkshire William Costes
Dorothy Andros 1665 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire John Eastman
Edith Andros 1630 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire Humffry Ballice
Elizabeth Andros 1715 Southbroom, Wiltshire William Smith
Joan Andros 1606 Harwell, Berkshire Robert James
John Andros 1602 Wraxall, Somerset Jane Porter
John Andros 1614 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire Mary Walker
Jone Andros 1642 Preshute, Wiltshire Francis North
Judith Andros 1635 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Edward Smith
Margarett Andros 1590 Kington St. Michael, Wiltshire Leonard Gale
Margery Andros 1634 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Thomas Blanch
Margret Andros 1630 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire John Longden
Philipa Andros 1623 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Nathaniel Chin
Robert Andros 1588 Harwell, Berkshire Alls Burdgman
Thomas Andros 1622 Bratton, Wiltshire Edith Longden
Vertue Andros 1613 Latton, Wiltshire Roberte Dane
William Andros 1600 Durrington, Wiltshire Giles Holmes
Anne Androse 1647 Wantage, Berkshire Thomas Stout
Edward Androse 1658 Wantage, Berkshire Barbara Griffin
Joane Androse 1560 Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset Thomas Touchins
Joane Androse 1576 Allington, Dorset Willm. Crandone
Joane Androse 1655 Curry Rivel, Somerset John Androse William Godfry
Johan. Androse 1627 North Curry, Somerset John Pester
Joane Androse 1655 Curry Rivel, Somerset John Androse  
Lewes Androse 1570 Allington, Dorset John Downe