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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Andrew 1586 Mumby, Lincolnshire John Browne
Agnes Andrew 1604 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Edward Walmesley
Agnes Andrew 1606 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire William Stockes
Alice Andrew 1604 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire Roger Barber
Alice Andrew 1655 Idmiston, Wiltshire James Lamborne
Alice Andrew 1687 Bottesford, Leicestershire Richard Wolley
Alice Andrew 1779 Wellingore, Lincolnshire William Hilton
Alice Andrew 1781 Foston, Lincolnshire Jonathan Ellis
Alus Andrew 1678 Beighton, Derbyshire Thomas Ottewell
Ann Andrew 1616 Bassingham, Lincolnshire William Lettin
Ann Andrew 1632 Spalding, Lincolnshire William Callowe
Ann Andrew 1642 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Thomas Clarkson
Ann Andrew 1695 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Thomas Norton
Ann Andrew 1747 Spalding, Lincolnshire John Helsop
Ann Andrew 1762 South Hykeham, Lincolnshire John Richardson
Ann Andrew 1768 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Samuel Slater
Ann Andrew 1788 Spalding, Lincolnshire John Seymour
Ann Andrew 1830 Sutton-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire Robert Stubbs
Anne Andrew 1629 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Augustine Alison
Anne Andrew 1644 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Francis Watson
Anne Andrew 1668 Spalding, Lincolnshire William Wright
Anne Andrew 1809 Mere, Wiltshire Robert Hooper
Anthony Andrew 1672 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Mary Linne
Bridget Andrew 1747 Moulton, Lincolnshire Matthew Hewisson
Briget Andrew 1616 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Richard Inkershall