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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alice Anderton 1621 Norton, Derbyshire Hugh Goddard
Ann Anderton 1759 Stanton, Gloucestershire Francis Hamblin
Anna Anderton 1617 Norton, Derbyshire Thomas Milward
Annis Anderton 1794 Norton, Derbyshire John Gray
Elizabeth Anderton 1555 Wantage, Berkshire Thomas Pichover
Elizabeth Anderton 1612 Swavesey, Cambridgeshire Richard Gilbert
Elizabeth Anderton 1702 North Scarle, Lincolnshire William Crampton
Elizabeth Anderton 1708 Curry Rivel, Somerset John Trevillian
Elizabeth Anderton 1714 Dronfield, Derbyshire Cornelius Dale
Elizabeth Anderton 1790 Norton, Derbyshire Matthew Hopkinson
Jana Anderton 1635 Norton, Derbyshire Robert Whitehead
Jennings Anderton 1727 Curry Rivel, Somerset Charles Cornwallis Lloyd
John Anderton 1592 Norton, Derbyshire Emma Barton
Lydia Anderton 1683 Dronfield, Derbyshire Robert Mellor
Margareta Anderton 1562 Fleet, Lincolnshire William Brow[n]e
Mary Anderton 1716 Bemerton, Wiltshire Richard Spearing
Peter Anderton 1619 St Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon Alice Jane
Richard Anderton 1657 Dronfield, Derbyshire Anne Savage
Thomas Anderton 1744 Boultham, Lincolnshire Ann Royston
Thomas Anderton 1763 Weston-sub-Edge, Gloucestershire Martha Tims
William Anderton 1595 St Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon Agnes Bicklam
Wylliam Anderton 1567 Lolworth, Cambridgeshire Margaret Pilkington