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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Sarah Anders 1785 Stratford-sub-Castle, Wiltshire James Bannell
Susanna Anders 1826 Moulton, Lincolnshire John Cope
John Andersay 1574 Cannington, Somerset Isaat Dowllye
Willm. Andersay 1595 Aller, Somerset Alice Lockier
John Andersaye 1587 Drayton, Somerset Joane Coxe
Thomas Anderscay 1804 Long Sutton, Somerset Eloenar Gaylard
Avis Andersee 1621 High Ham, Somerset Robertus Rainolde
Edmond Andersen 1721 Curry Rivel, Somerset Elizabeth Edwards
Alford Andersey 1721 Curry Rivel, Somerset Mary White
Betty Andersey 1772 Curry Rivel, Somerset John Cattle
Jane Andersey 1761 Curry Rivel, Somerset John Baker
John Andersey 1699 Swell, Somerset Mary Olford
Laurence Andersey 1672 Curry Rivel, Somerset Elizabeth Sawtle
Lawrence Andersey 1638 Drayton, Somerset Thomasin Hoile
Mary Andersey 1701 Curry Rivel, Somerset Paull Deasimore
Mary Andersey 1755 Curry Rivel, Somerset Robert Ostler
Sarah Andersey 1744 Swell, Somerset Thomas Pearce
Sarah Andersey 1766 Curry Rivel, Somerset William Pear
Sarah Andersey 1774 Curry Rivel, Somerset James Garland
Thomas Andersey 1747 Curry Rivel, Somerset Ann Worthy
Thomas Andersey 1763 Curry Rivel, Somerset Margaret Thyer
Thomas Andersey 1770 Curry Rivel, Somerset Anne Baker
William Andersey 1711 Fivehead, Somerset Eliz House
William Andersey 1772 Curry Rivel, Somerset Joan Hillard
John Andershaye 1582 Drayton, Somerset Joan Cox