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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Ancell 1660 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire William Gibbons
Ann Ancell 1768 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Thomas Johnson
Anne Ancell 1720 Weston St Mary, Lincolnshire Tho. Floor
Anne Ancell 1801 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Jonathan Green
Annis Ancell 1643 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire John Rothiwell
Bridgitt Ancell 1641 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Robert Beckworth
Catherine Ancell 1703 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Ishmael Grey
Edmund Ancell 1679 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Marratt
Edward Ancell 1788 Moulton, Lincolnshire Susanna Elmor
Elizabeth Ancell 1614 Mumby, Lincolnshire Thomas Markbie
Elizabeth Ancell 1633 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Henrie Brown
Elizabeth Ancell 1736 Fleet, Lincolnshire William East
Elizabeth Ancell 1759 Fleet, Lincolnshire John Gunhouse
Grace Ancell 1770 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Joseph Chatterton
Jane Ancell 1776 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Isaac Tantom
John Ancell 1746 Fleet, Lincolnshire Thomazin Clark
Luke Ancell 1696 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Eliza Walker
Margaret Ancell 1589 Amersham, Buckinghamshire William Smithe
Maria Ancell 1696 Moulton, Lincolnshire Johannes Dannaby
Mary Ancell 1722 Spalding, Lincolnshire Thomas Charleton
Mary Ancell 1753 Surfleet, Lincolnshire William Bilton
Mathew Ancell 1709 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Ann Stableforth
Nathan Ancell 1740 Fleet, Lincolnshire Frances Dawson
Nicholas Ancell 1583 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Marye Aline
Richard Ancell 1662 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Milicent Gansbe