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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Alsopp 1607 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Hugo Clarke
Alice Alsopp 1606 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire William Carter
Alice Alsopp 1691 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Thomas Webster
Ann Alsopp 1568 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Richard Creswell
Anne Alsopp 1665 Duffield, Derbyshire Richard Morton
Edward Alsopp 1623 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Anne Chapman
Elizabeth Alsopp 1559 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Robert Woode
Elizabeth Alsopp 1706 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire Edward Smith
Elizth Alsopp 1743 Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire Edward Johnson
Ellen Alsopp 1560 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire John Tydy
Ellen Alsopp 1597 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire George Mansfilde
Francis Alsopp 1707 St Michael's, Derby, Derbyshire Alice Briddon
George Alsopp 1635 Duffield, Derbyshire Alice Smith
Hesther Alsopp 1753 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire William Holland
Jane Alsopp 1561 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire William Parker
John Alsopp 1664 Duffield, Derbyshire Mary Smales
Joshua Alsopp 1796 Duffield, Derbyshire Elizabeth Alton
Mary Alsopp 1663 Parwich, Derbyshire Robert Ensor
Richard Alsopp 1627 Church Broughton, Derbyshire Alice Cheadle
Robert Alsopp 1613 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire Hester Thacker
Sarah Alsopp 1659 St Michael's, Derby, Derbyshire Thomas Ward
Sarah Alsopp 1694 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Antoney Vallence
Susanna Alsopp 1729 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire George Tooby
Thomas Alsopp 1665 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Grace Brown
Thomas Alsopp 1795 Duffield, Derbyshire Anne Davies