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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Abraham Allwood 1773 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Frances Cook
Abraham Allwood 1792 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Susanna Pask
Ann Allwood 1717 Surfleet, Lincolnshire Robert Eackeland
Eleanor Allwood 1800 Wellingore, Lincolnshire John Brestow
Elizabeth Allwood 1771 Spalding, Lincolnshire William Cross
Frances Allwood 1771 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Francis Clarke
George Allwood 1675 North Scarle, Lincolnshire Mary Gibson
George Allwood 1765 Spalding, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Allen
Joane Allwood 1578 Salisbury St.Thomas, Wiltshire John Watkins
John Allwood 1622 Morton, Derbyshire Mary Lee
John Allwood 1755 East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire Mary Levers
John Allwood 1766 Stalbridge, Dorset Mary Williams
John Allwood 1807 Eagle, Lincolnshire Sarah Baker
Mary Allwood 1777 Stalbridge, Dorset Giles Matthews
Mary Allwood 1777 Stalbridge, Dorset Giles Matthews
Mary Allwood 1783 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire Thomas Edgar
Phoebe Allwood 1663 Hault Hucknell, Derbyshire John Hill
Rebecca Allwood 1837 Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire John Robinson
Rebekah Allwood 1713 Mere, Wiltshire Thomas Coward
Richard Allwood 1624 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Dorcas Verin
Richard Allwood 1631 Morton, Derbyshire Ellin Parkin
Richard Allwood 1790 Duffield, Derbyshire Hannah Wallis
Roger Allwood 1634 Salisbury St.Thomas, Wiltshire Eliza Chandler
Sarah Allwood 1777 Mere, Wiltshire Giles Forward
Thomas Allwood 1778 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Ann Thompson