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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Bernard Allum 1746 Sulham, Berkshire Anne Wiggins
David Allum 1803 Wantage, Berkshire Jane Wenman
Elizabeth Allum 1702 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire William Telford
Isaac Allum 1825 Wellingore, Lincolnshire Sarah Watson
John Allum 1712 Spalding, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Terry
Letitia Allum 1717 Purley, Berkshire Robert Ivy
Martha Allum 1809 Bradfield, Berkshire William Pottinger
Mary Allum 1700 Bradfield, Berkshire John Clark
Mary Allum 1782 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire John Birks
Mary Allum 1807 Bradfield, Berkshire William Westrup
Richard Allum 1714 Bradfield, Berkshire Joan Morris
Richard Allum 1758 Purley, Berkshire Mary Drake
Sarah Allum 1778 Purley, Berkshire William Carter
Sarah Allum 1791 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire William Rouse
Thomas Allum 1756 Sulham, Berkshire Elizabeth Eddy
Thomas Allum 1773 Spalding, Lincolnshire Dorothy Johnson
Thomas Allum 1791 Bradfield, Berkshire Hannah Endall
Thomas Allum 1802 Purley, Berkshire Mary Geddes
Thomas Allum 1822 Sulham, Berkshire Elizabeth Wheat
William Allum 1805 Bradfield, Berkshire Hannah Hawkes