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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ane Aldred 1669 Bingham, Nottinghamshire Edmund Reste
Elizabeth Aldred 1679 Car Colston, Nottinghamshire Richard Smith
Elizabeth Aldred 1731 West Hallam, Derbyshire Philip Taylor
Elizabeth Aldred 1792 West Hallam, Derbyshire Robert Sison
Jane Aldred 1790 Duffield, Derbyshire Samuel Staton
Johannes Aldred 1670 Alford, Lincolnshire Bridgett Slack
John Aldred 1682 Spalding, Lincolnshire Dorothy Tomson
John Aldred 1773 Beighton, Derbyshire Ann Clarke
Joshua Aldred 1671 Kneeton, Nottinghamshire Sarah Blank
Joshua Aldred 1674 Elton on the Hill, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth Symon
Mary Aldred 1767 Duffield, Derbyshire James Bowler
Mary Aldred 1804 Duffield, Derbyshire Samuel Seal
Richard Aldred 1739 Stanton-by-Dale, Derbyshire Elizabeth Fisher
Sara Aldredg 1638 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire John Phillipes
Sarah Aldredg 1637 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire Maurice Partridge
Diones Aldredge 1642 Bratton, Wiltshire William Hooper
Elizabeth Aldredge 1622 Marlborough St Mary the Virgin, Wiltshire Leonard Mason
Judy Aldredge 1679 Bratton, Wiltshire John Sodory
Margaret Aldredge 1650 Bratton, Wiltshire Jeffery Apston