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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Akerman 1790 Patney, Wiltshire George Burden
Ann Akerman 1795 Marden, Wiltshire John Patrick
Ann Akerman 1801 Woodborough, Wiltshire William Ockwell
Ann Akerman 1804 Bothenhampton, Dorset John Blackmore
Anne Akerman 1712 Charmouth, Dorset Samuell Guppy
Avis Akerman 1683 Beechingstoke, Wiltshire Daniell Chandler
Charles Akerman 1829 Devizes St. John the Baptist, Wiltshire Mary Harding
Daniel Akerman 1764 Crewkerne, Somerset Eliz Russell
Daniel Akerman 1776 Charlton near Pewsey, Wiltshire Elizabeth Stratton
Daniel Akerman 1806 Beaminster, Dorset Elizabeth Churchill
Elizabeth Akerman 1721 Stanton St. Gabriel Chapel, Dorset George Hodder
Elizabeth Akerman 1799 Patney, Wiltshire Daniel Chandler
Elizabeth Akerman 1810 Broadwinsor, Dorset Robt. Larcombe
George Akerman 1803 Eisey, Wiltshire Mary Barnes
Grace Akerman 1706 Bradpole, Dorset Nath. Wallis
Hannah Akerman 1808 Bothenhampton, Dorset Matthew Burbidge
Hester Akerman 1792 Marden, Wiltshire John Hamlen
James Akerman 1760 Purton, Wiltshire Sarah Large
James Akerman 1799 Fuggleston St. Peter with Bemerton, Wiltshire Hannah Blake
James Akerman 1805 Stert, Wiltshire Elizabeth Edwards
Jane Akerman 1757 Woodborough, Wiltshire William Thompson
Jane Akerman 1802 Eisey, Wiltshire Thomas Barnes
Jo. Akerman 1799 Broadwinsor, Dorset Eliz. Cleal
Joan Akerman 1785 Crewkerne, Somerset Thomas Powell
Joane Akerman 1667 Bothenhampton, Dorset Robert Akerman