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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Ady 1783 Sherston Magna, Wiltshire John Coleman
Ann Ady 1797 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Henry Day
Catherine Ady 1698 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire Daniel Alway
Elizabeth Ady 1725 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire James Gillings
Elizabeth Ady 1731 Conington, Cambridgeshire Abot Gilson
Elizabeth Ady 1798 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Abraham Smith
Elizabeth Ady 1801 Brinkworth, Wiltshire William Hart
Hannah Ady 1681 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire Samuel Harrison
Henry Ady 1648 Coaley, Gloucestershire Anne Davis
Henry Ady 1699 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire Elizabeth Pride
Jane Ady 1732 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire Stephen Coles
Joane Ady 1680 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire James Harding
Joane Ady 1691 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire John Dobbs
John Ady 1683 Uley, Gloucestershire Margret Cartar
John Ady 1700 Dursley, Gloucestershire Mary Weaver
John Ady 1811 Christian Malford, Wiltshire Mary Morris
Martha Ady 1761 Dursley, Gloucestershire Joseph Faithome
Mary Ady 1688 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire John Hart
Mary Ady 1716 Dursley, Gloucestershire William Ashmead
Mary Ady 1721 Long Newnton, Wiltshire John Hollis
Mary Ady 1800 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Joseph Hulbert
Richard Ady 1705 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire Sarah Workman
Sarah Ady 1730 Uley, Gloucestershire Thomas Smith
Thomas Ady 1682 Kemble, Wiltshire Elizabeth Coxe
William Ady 1678 Uley, Gloucestershire Margary Baggland