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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alice Adlard 1769 Maltby, Lincolnshire John Lupton
Amy Adlard 1825 Withern, Lincolnshire William Dales
Ann Adlard 1762 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire Thomas Caborn
Ann Adlard 1821 Mumby, Lincolnshire Isaac Epton
Elizabeth Adlard 1689 Strubby with Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire Robert Wait
Elizabeth Adlard 1689 Strubby with Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire Robert Wait
Elizabeth Adlard 1707 Withern, Lincolnshire Christopher Sparnel
Elizabeth Adlard 1759 Saleby with Thoresthorpe, Lincolnshire Charles Bromley
Elizabeth Adlard 1822 Withern, Lincolnshire John Merell
Elizabetha Adlard 1692 Moulton, Lincolnshire Gervasius Palmer
John Adlard 1655 Alford, Lincolnshire Ann Marris
John Adlard 1710 Withern, Lincolnshire Alice Barrett
John Adlard 1765 Maltby, Lincolnshire Cordelia Evison
John Adlard 1804 Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire Phoebe Crow
Joseph Adlard 1832 Alford, Lincolnshire Mary Smith
Margaret Adlard 1636 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire John Gardner
Mary Adlard 1705 Spalding, Lincolnshire William Edger
Mary Adlard 1756 Mumby, Lincolnshire William Evison
Mary Adlard 1775 Mumby, Lincolnshire Thomas Keil
Michael Adlard 1695 Alford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Harrison
Mildred Adlard 1835 Withern, Lincolnshire James Wakelin
Phoebe Adlard 1718 Markby, Lincolnshire William Waring
Richard Adlard 1749 Alford, Lincolnshire Rosamund Huiss
Susanna Adlard 1802 Strubby with Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire James Thorpe
Thomas Adlard 1780 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Ann Simpson