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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alice Addison 1734 Alford, Lincolnshire Robert Slack
Ann Addison 1786 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire Richard Rose
Ann Addison 1799 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire Richard Hickcock
Anthony Addison 1682 Beesby, Lincolnshire Susanna Dawson
Austyn Addison 1594 Salisbury St.Thomas, Wiltshire Barbara Drover
Edward Addison 1639 Spalding, Lincolnshire Mary Clarke
Elizabeth Addison 1684 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire James Grymes
Elizabeth Addison 1764 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Robert Best
Ellen Addison 1620 Alford, Lincolnshire George Greene
Gertrude Addison 1706 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire John Jackson
Jane Addison 1733 Alford, Lincolnshire John Horsewood
Jane Addison 1748 Alford, Lincolnshire Thomas Chapman
John Addison 1693 Alford, Lincolnshire Alice Harness
John Addison 1717 Alford, Lincolnshire Mary Forster
John Addison 1823 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Pheaby Hammersly
Katherine Addison 1641 Withern, Lincolnshire Richard Smith
Margaret Addison 1721 Hannah with Hagnaby, Lincolnshire Robert Griffin
Mary Addison 1780 Waddington, Lincolnshire Thomas Cook
Nicholas Addison 1611 Spalding, Lincolnshire Anne Brigges
Robert Addison 1641 Spalding, Lincolnshire Mary Inman
Thomas Addison 1634 St Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon Susan Kent
Thomas Addison 1782 Duffield, Derbyshire Anne Twigg
Thomas Addison 1792 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Ann Cook
Ursula Addison 1624 Cambridge St. Sepulchre, Cambridgeshire Robert Richford
William Addison 1706 Alford, Lincolnshire Jane Sceam