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Wiltshire Parish Registers - Marriages volume 1

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Married the Thursday before the feast of all Sainctes, John Gatwen and Agnes Rimer.
Married the Sundaye before St. Andrewes daye, Willi'm Easton and Elizabeth Seele.
Married the Wednesday before St. Andrewes daye, John Bullock and Isabell Yonge.
Married the Sunday before the feast of the Purifycation of the Virgin Marye, Robert Sargeant and Joan Kinghcott.
Married the 3 May 1576, Willi'm Brewer and Joan Kilbery.
3 May 1576
Married the Thursday before the Purificacon of the Virgin Mary, John White and Elenor Smyth.
1577 Married the 24 of August, John Willi'ms & Joan Holborough, widow.
24 Aug. 1577
1583 Married the first of May, Christopher Bayly and Maude Sargine.
1 May 1583
1583 Married the 13 of Januarye, Richard Holborough and Ann Kylberye.
13 Jan. 1583
1583 Married the 15 of Februarie, John Saunders and Elizabeth Spencer.
15 Feb. 1583
1584 Marryed the 18 of November, Thomas Kylberye & Joan Bullocke.
18 Nov. 1584