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Assheton of Downham Hall and Cuerdale

ASSHETON, RALPH, Esq. of Downham Hall and Cuerdale, co. Lancaster, b. 20 Dec. 1830; m. 3 Aug. 1864, Emily-Augusta, 4th dau. of Joseph Feilden, Esq. of Witton Park, co. Lancaster, and by her has issue,

A SON AND HEIR, b. 1860.

Lineage.-Ashton-under-Lyne, a market town in Salford hundred, co. Lancaster, gave name to the ancient family of Assheton, which was founded by Orm Fltz Ewerd, to whom Albert de Greeley, baron of Manchester, gave in marriage with his dau. Emma, one cerucate of land in Ashton, besides a knight's fee in Dalton, Parbold, and Wrightington.

ORM DE ASSHETON was father of

SIR THOMAS and ROGER DE ASSHETON, the elder of whom was father of

SIR JOHN DE ASSHETON, living in 1335. This Sir John was summoned to parliament in 1323, and had with a 2nd son Gilbert, a son and heir,

SIR ROBERT DE ASSHETON, vice-chamberlain to King EDWARD III., and commissioner to treat for peace with France. He was afterwards governor of Guynes, warden of the Cinque Ports, and admiral of the Narrow Seas. He was also justiciary of Ireland, lord-treasurer of England, and constable of Dover Castle. Besides a natural son, William, doctor of laws to John, king of Castile and Leon, he left, by his 1st wife Elizabeth, a son and heir,

THOMAS DE ASSHETON, who fought at the battle of Nevile's Cross, and there captured the royal standard of Scotland. He also attended John of Gaunt as one of his retinue in Spain. He m. Eleanor, dau. of Sir John Buckley, and left a son,

SIR JOHN DE ASSHETON, knight of the shire of Lancaster, 1385, m. Margaret, dau. of Perkyn de Legh, of Lyme, and left, with a dau. Joanna, m. to Sir Robert Davenport, of Bramhall, a son and heir,

SIR JOHN DE ASSHETON, drowned at Norham. Sir John m. a dau. of Sir Robert Standish, of Standish, and besides a 2nd son, Nicholas, knight of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, left a son and heir,

SIR JOHN DE ASSHETON, knight of the Bath, seneschal of Bayeux, governor of Hadupais, and bailiff of Constance; in France, and knight of the shire of Lancaster: by his 1st wife, Jane, dau. of Sir John Savile, of Tankersleigh, he left a considerable family. Of these was Sir Thomas Assheton, the alchemist (from whom descended the Asshetons of Ashton-under-Lyne, the Asshetons of Chadderton, and the Ashtons of Shepley, all now extinct in the male line). By his 2nd wife, Margaret, dau. of Sir John Byron, of Clayton, Sir John left one son,

SIR RALPH ASSHETON, first called of Middleton, page of honour to King HENRY VI., knight-marshal of England, lieut. of the tower of London, and sheriff of Yorkshire, 12 and 13 EDWARD IV. In 1482, he was made knight-banneret on the field of battle at Hattonfield, in Scotland. He was afterwards vice-constable of England, and rode in procession at the coronation of King RICHARD III. In right of his wife Margaret, dau. and heiress of John Barton, of Middleton, he became owner of the estate of Middleton, and by her, together with an elder son, Sir Richard Assheton, of Middleton, (from whom the Asshetons, Barts., of Middleton, now extinct-see BURKE'S Extinct Baronetage,) he left a large family, of whom the 2nd son,

RALPH ASSHETON, m. Margaret, dau. and sole heir of Adam Leaver, of Great Leaver, by whom he had with other issue, a son and heir,

RALPH ASSHETON, of Leaver, m. Eleanor, dau. of Adam Hulton, of The Park, by whom he had issue, RALPH, his successor, and a 2nd son, Richard, who was protégé of Lord Burleigh, amassed great wealth, and purchased Whalley Abbey, and also the estates of Downham and Malham; but dying without issue, bequeathed Whalley and Malham to the son of his eldest brother: this eldest brother,

RALPH ASSHETON, of Leaver, m. Margaret, dau. of William Orrell, of Turton Tower, co. Lancaster, and left with other issue, an eldest son, who inheriting Leaver from his father, and Whalley and Malham from his uncle, became

RALPH ASSHETON, of Leaver, Whalley, and Malham. He m. Alice, dau. of William Hulton, of Farnworth, and left, with other issue, RALPH, his successor, and a 2nd son, Richard, who inherited Downham from his great-uncle Richard, and left issue, Nicholas the Puritan, whose sole surviving son, Ralph, dying without issue, bequeathed Downham to Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Bart. of Leaver.

RALPH ASSHETON, of Leaver, Whalley, and Malham (the eldest son) m. 1st, Anne, dau. of John Talbot, of Gatehouse, who d. s. p.; and 2ndly, Joanna, dau. of Edward Radclyffe, of Todmorden, and co-heiress through her mother of her kinsman, William Radclyffe, of Wymbersley, by which lady he had a numerous issue, of whom the eldest, Sir Ralph Assheton, 1st Bart. of Leaver, Whalley, and Malham, m. Dorothy Bellingham, and left issue (now extinct in the male line, see BURKE's Extinct Baronetage). The 2nd son of Ralph and Joanna Assheton was

RADCLYFFE ASSHETON, first called of Cuerdale, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Hyde, and left, with other issue, an eldest son,

JOHN ASSHETON, of Cuerdale, captain of foot in the army of King CHARLES I., killed at Edgehill; m. Anne, eldest dau. of Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe, and left all only child,

RICHARD ASSHETON, of Cuerdale, b. 1644; m. Mary, dau. of George Pigott, Esq. of Preston. This Richard acquired Downham under the will of his kinsman, Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd bart. of Leaver, and after frequently defending his rights against the claims of Sir Edmund, 3rd bart. of Leaver, and brother of Sir Ralph, obtained a favourable verdict in the House of Lords, 1690; he left a numerous issue, of whom the eldest,

RALPH ASSHETON, of Downham and Cuerdale, b. 1666, m. Sarah, dau. and eventually heiress of Tilston Bruen, of Bruen Stapleford, co. Chester, Esq.; he left issue two sons, of whom the younger, Richard, d. s. p., and the elder,

RALPH ASSHETON, b. 1696, m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Lister, of Gisburne Park; he left issue,

I. RALPH, his successor.
II. RICHARD, D.D., rector of Middleton, and warden of Manchester; m. Mary, 2nd dau. and co-heiress of William Hulls, Esq. of Freelands, and left issue,

1 Richard-Hulls, in holy orders; d. at Lisbon, 1785, aged 25, s. p.
1 Mary, m. Grosvenor Perfect, Esq., of Thorp Arch, co. York.
2 Elizabeth, m. James Whalley, Esq. of Clerkhill, co. Lancaster.
3 Caroline, m. Edward Garforth, of Wiggenthorpe, co. York.
4 Catherine, m. Rev. George Drake, of Kirk Thorp, co. York.

I. Elizabeth, m. Richard, brother of Sir Ralph Assheton, of Middleton.
II. Mary, m. 1st, Rev. John Witton, of Lupet Hall; and 2ndly, Peregrine Wentworth, of Tolston Lodge.
III. Sarah, d. unm.

The elder son,

RALPH ASSHETON, of Downham and Cuerdale, b. 1719; m. Rebecca, eldest dau. and co-heir of William Hulls, Esq. d Freelands, co. Kent, and Popes, co. Herts, and left issue,

WILLIAM, his successor.
Anne, m. the Right Rev. William Cleaver, D.D., bishop successively of Chester, Bangor, and St. Asaph.
Rebecca, m. Francis Penyston, of Cornwell, co. Oxon, Esq.

The only son to survive,

WILLIAM ASSHETON, of Downham and Cuerdale, b. 1758: high-sheriff of Lancashire 1792; d. 1833; m. Lettice, dau. of Sir Richard Brooke, of Norton, co. Chester, Bart., by whom he had,

WILLIAM, his successor.
Mary, b. 1790; m. John, eldest son of Sir George Armytage, of Kirklees, co. York, Bart.

The son and heir,

WILLIAM ASSHETON, of Downham and Cuerdale, b. 16 Mar. 1788; d. 8 Aug. 1858; m. Frances-Annabella, dau. of the Hon. William Cockayne, and coheiress of Borlase, 6th Lord Viscount Cullen, d. 1835; by this lady Mr. Assheton had issue,

RALPH, his successor, now of Downham.
Richard-Orme, M.A., of Christ Church, Oxford, in holy orders; b. 12 July, 1835.
Frances, b. 1823; d. unm. 1841.

The Asshetons of Downham are now the only male representatives of the ancient house of Ashton of Ashton-under-Lyne.

Arms-Arg., a mullet, sa., pierced, of the field; quartering Barton, Middleton, Leaver, Cunliffe, Radclyffe, Plesington, Balderston, Bannister, Lawrence, Washington, Bruen, Le Brun, Praers, Huxley, Tilston, Hulls, Cockayne, Hutzhill, Edensor, Savage, Royal Arms of Ireland, O'Brien, Trentham, Baxter, Woodward, Duffield, Knightley, Pantulph, Doyley, Duston, Noel, Tregoz, Golafre, Burgh, Cowley, Skenard, Harwedon, Plumpton, Bagot, Coombe Martyn, Lyons, Warkworth, Oakley, St. Lyz, Holt, Dormer, Hill, Lamb, Maunsell, Loddington, Medlicott, and others.
Crests-1st, on a cap of maintenance, a mower, counterchanged, arg. and sa., his scythe az., handle or, and the point directed to the dexter; 2nd, a boar's head, couped, arg., armed, or, langued, gu.
Motto-Nec anogo, nec dubito.
Seat-Downham Hall, near Clitheroe.

Transcribed from A genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, by Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, fourth edition, 1862;
a.k.a. Burke's Landed Gentry, 1862