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Ashby of Naseby

ASHBY, GEORGE-ASHBY, Esq. of Naseby, co. Northampton, captain half-pay 11th Hussars, and a magistrate for the cos. of Leicester and Northampton, b. 3 June, 1834; assumed by royal licence, 21 Aug. 1857, the surname and arms of ASHBY, as a co-representative of the senior branch of the Ashby family; m. 5 June, 1855, Helen, dau. of Colonel Hope Gibsone, and has issue,

I. GEORGE, b. 26 March, 1856.
II. John-Shukbrugh, b. at Naseby, 29 Jan. 1858.
I. Louisa-Jane.

Lineage.-This is the senior line of the very ancient family of Ashby, which can be authentically traced from RICHARD DE ASHBY, lord of the manors of South Croxton and Quenby, co. Leicester, A.D. 1297.

ROBERT ASHBY, Esq., grandson of William Ashby, Esq. of Quenby, living in 1489, s. in 1536, to the family estates, at the decease of his cousin, Anne Ashby, of Quenby, wife of George Skevington, of Skevington. He m. Barbara, dau. of George Ashby, Esq. of Loseby, co. Leicester, and sister of Edward Ashby, Esq. of Loseby, whose son, William Ashby, Queen ELIZABETH'S ambassador to JAMES VI.; d.s.p. in Scotland, in 1589. By Barbara his wife, Robert Ashby left at his decease, 24 Aug. 1557, four daus, and one son,

GEORGE ASHBY, Esq. of Quenby and Loseby, high-sheriff of Leicestershire in 1601, who m. Mary, dau. of Andrew Gedney, Esq. of Enderby, and left, with other issue, a son and heir,

GEORGE ASHBY, Esq. of Quenby, who erected, in 1636, the present mansion house, and sold the lordship of Loseby to Mr. Paramour. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of George Bennet, Esq. of London, and of Welby, co. Lincoln, and d. in 1653, leaving issue, three sons and three daus. The eldest son,

GEORGE ASHBY, Esq. of Quenby, b. 29 July, 1629, served as high-sheriff of Leicestershire, 18 and 19 CHARLES II. He m. 24 June, 1652, Mary, dau. and heir of Euseby Shukbrugh, Esq. of Naseby, co. Northampton, by his wife, Mary Littleton, of Pillaton, and by her (who m. 2ndly, George Hewett, Esq. of Rotherby, and d. 15 April, 1721, aged 93) had issue,

GEORGE, his heir.
Shukbrugh, whose son (by Mary, his wife, dau. of Nele Hewett, Esq.) Shukbrugh, m. Mary, dau, and heir of Nathaniel Cradock, of Cossington, and d. in 1762, leaving a son, Shukbrugh Ashby, Esq., F.R.S., M.P. for Leicester, who m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Richard Hinde, Esq., and d. in 1792, leaving two daus., his co-heiresses, viz., Mary-Elizabeth, m. to William Latham, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A., of Eltham; and Dorothea, m. to Sir Thomas Hussey Apreece, Bart. (See ASHBY of Quenby.)
Euseby, Fellow of Trinity College, d.s.p.
Mary, m. to John Ekins, Esq. of Rushden.
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Nathan Wrighte, the lord keeper.
Lucy, d. young.
Margaret, m. to William Boothby, Esq. of Marston.

George Ashby, sen., d. 29 May, 1672, and was s. by his eldest son,

GEORGE ASHBY, Esq. of Quenby, b. 16 July, 1656, M.P. for Leicestershire in 1696 and 1707, and high-sheriff in 1688-9. This gentleman m. 7 Nov. 1682, Hannah, dau. and co-heir of Major Edward Waring, of Humphreston, high-sheriff of Shropshire in 1657, and M.P. for Bridgenorth in 1658, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Ashe, Esq. of Freshford, co. Somerset) and had, with other children, who d.s.p.

JOHN, of whom presently.
Edmund, father of the Rev. George Ashby, president or St. John's College, Cambridge.
Waring, who s. to Quenby, and served as high-sheriff of Leicestershire, in 1733. By Elizabeth Cumberland, his wife, sister of the Bishop of Dromore, he left at his decease in 1770, one son, GEORGE, of Hazlebeech Hall, near Naseby, who sold Quenby to Shukbrugh Ashby, Esq., and d.s.p. in 1802, having bequeathed the Naseby estate to his cousin, Hannah-Maria, the wife of John Maddock, Esq.
Elizabeth, who m. 17 Feb. 1706, John Freeman, Esq. of Wellingborough, and had two daus., viz., Elizabeth, wile of Pudsey Jesson, Esq. of Langley, co. Warwick; and Hannah, who m. William Ash, Esq. of Paston, near Peterborough, and was mother of three daus., Hannah, m. to William Jesson, Esq. of Sutton Coldfield; Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Ashby, Esq. of The Lynches; and Mary, wife of the Rev. Richard-Biss Riland, rector of Sutton Coldfield.
Mary, m. to Henry Hall, of London.
Hannah, m. to George Cheselden, M.D.
Anne, m. to Robert Norton of Leicester.

The eldest son,

JOHN ASHBY, Esq. of The Lynches, near Shrewsbury (his mother's jointure), b. 27 Nov. 1687; d. 20 July, 1756, leaving by Hannah his wife, two sons and two daus., viz.,

JOHN, of The Lynches, b. 9 May, 1722, one of the esquires to Lord Clive, on his installation as a Knight of the Bath. He m. Jane Wingfield, relict of Anthony Kinnersley, Esq . of Leighton, but d. s. p., 29 Jan. 1779.
EDMUND, of whom we treat.
Hannah, b. 14 Aug. 1723; m. to Charles Stamford, Esq. of Wellingborough.

The 2nd son (but the only one to leave issue),

EDMUND ASHBY, Esq. of The Lynches, m. Elizabeth Ash, his cousin, dau, of William Ash, Esq. of Paston, near Peterborough, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Æmilian Holbech, Esq.) he left at his decease, 20 Nov. 1786, two daus., his co-heiresses (in whom vested the representation of the ancient house of ASHBY of Quenby), viz.,

ELIZABETH-FREEMAN ASHBY, who m. in 1784, Robert Hale, Esq., and had four daus., Elizabeth, Lucia, Jane, and Frances. Of these the third m. Capt. Whitfield, 18th regt., and had issue, Colonel Henry Whitfield, of the 2nd West India regt.; and Robert-Philpote Whitfield, who d. unm., 23 June, 1842, aged 31 years.
HANNAH-MARIA ASHBY, m. 9 Jan. 1787, John Maddock, Esq. of Shrewsbury, son of John Maddock, also of Shrewsbury, by Elizabeth, his wife, and grandson of John Maddock, of Shrewsbury, who was son of Thomas Maddock, of Chester.

The 2nd dau. and co-heiress,

HANNAH-MARIA ASHBY, wife of JOHN MADDOCK, Esq. of Shrewsbury, d. 25 Nov. 1830, leaving a son and heir,

THE REV. GEORGE ASHBY MADDOCK, of Naseby, co. Northampton, and Greenfields, Shrewsbury, who m. 22 July, 1833, Anne, dau. of Mr. George Procter, of Cairn Cottage, Argyllshire, and d. in 1836, leaving an only child, the present

GEORGE ASHBY MADDOCK, Esq. of Naseby, co. Northampton, and of Greenfields, co. Salop.

Arms-Quarterly: 1st, per pale, az. and gu., two lions, passant in pale, or, for MADDOCK; 2nd, or, three boars' heads, sa., a chief indented of the last, for JENKS; 3rd, az., a chevron, erm., between three leopards' faces, or, for ASHBY; 4th, sa., a chevron, engrailed, between three mullets, arg., for SHUKBRUGH; 5th, sa., a chevron, between three pewits' heads, erased, arg., for WARING; 6th, ASH, arg., two chevronels, and in chief as many crescents, sa.
Crests-1st, a demi-lion rampant, holding a sword erect, for MADDOCK; 2nd, on a mural crown, arg., a leopard's head, or, for ASHBY.
Motto-Be just and fear not.
Seat-The Woolleys, Naseby.

Transcribed from A genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, by Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, fourth edition, 1862;
a.k.a. Burke's Landed Gentry, 1862