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Armstrong of Garry Castle

ARMSTRONG, CARTERET-ANDREW, Esq. of Garry Castle House, King's County, barrister-at-law, b. May, 1797.

Lineage.-Thls is a branch of the ARMSTRONGS of Mangerton.

ARCHIBALD ARMSTRONG, Esq. of Ballylin, half brother of Edmund Armstrong, Esq. (ancestor of the Armstrongs of Gallen, King's county) and 2nd son of Andrew Armstrong, Esq., by Jane Stephenson, his 3rd wife, b. in 1658; m. in 1681, Letitia, youngest duu. of Col. Edward Playsted, and had issue,

I. WILLIAM, b. in 1691; who m. in 1715, Rebecca, dau. of Bigoe Henzell, Esq., and left issue,

1. Archibald, b. at Barnagratty in 1716: m. Rebecca, only dau. of Captain Michael Armstrong, and sister of General Bigoe Armstrong, and had, with two daus., Jane, m. to Hugh Coulaghan, Esq., and Catherine, m. to Daniel Coulaghan, Esq., three sons, of whom the third, Bigoe, an officer in the army, m. Susannah, dau. of Thomas Bernard, Esq of Birr, and by her (who d. in July, 1819), left at his decease, 15 March, 1773, aged 28, two sons, Bigoe, an officer in the guards, who m. Sophia, widow of Sir David Williams, Bart., and d. at Boulogne, in 1824, leaving a dau., Caroline; and Thomas, Lieut.-col. in the Coldstream-guards.
2. William, an officer in the army; m. 1st, 3 July, 1747, Mary, dau. of William Hunt, Esq. of Petworth, in Sussex; and 2ndly, Miss Hill, sister of Colonel Hill, of London, but had issue only by the first, viz., four daus., Fanny, m. to Edmund Armstrong, Esq. of Percy Street, London; Charlotte, m. to Richard Hassell, Esq., barrister-at-law: Rebecca, m. and had issue; Mary, m. to Dr. Blair, and had issue. Mr. William Armstrong d. in London, 10 Oct. 1784, aged 62.
3. Andrew, capt E.I.C.S., of Castle Armstrong, King's County, high-sheriff in 1777; m. Mary, relict of Governor George Scot, of Bengal, and dau. of a Mr. Bidwell, by whom (who d. 2 July, 1781) he left at his decease, 31 July, 1789, aged 65, William, who went as a writer to Bengal, where he m. and d. leaving issue; Thomas, b in 1765, of Castle Armstrong, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Puget, Esq. of London, banker, and left a dau. and heiress, Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Raikes, Esq., of Welton; Andrew, who d. at St. Croix, in 1805, leaving by Anne his wife, eldest dau. of James Brady, Esq. of Dublin, two surviving sons and two daus. (William-Andrew, J.P. of Rackmacknee, co. Wexford, J.P., b. 30 March, 1793, who m. 8 Feb. 1848, Marianne-Stuart, dau. of John Flood, Esq. of View Mount, co. Kilkenny; Thomas-Bagot, in holy orders, vicar of Ballyvaldon, co. Wexford, m. 24 Jan. 1845, Isabella, youngest dau. of Richard Fothergill, Esq. of Carleen, co. Monmouth; Harriet; and Catherine); Rebecca, m. to Nicholas Gamble, Esq. of Derrinboy, and had issue; and Harriet, m. in 1796, to George Armstrong, Esq.
4. Edward, b. 14 June, 1724, who lived at Clara, and was in the commission of the peace for the King's County. He m. Anne, dau. of Michael M'Evoy, Esq. of the co. Longford, and had issue.
1. Rebecca, m. to Frank Conraby, Esq. of Birr.

II. Edmund, capt. E.I.C.S., who d. leaving issue
III. Charles, in General Wynne's regiment of dragoons; killed in a duel.
IV. ANDREW, of whose line we have to treat.
V. Thomas, of Ballyhn, in the King's County, Inspector-general of barracks, and a justice of the peace, who served the office of sheriff. He m. twice, but left at his decease, in 1750, issue only by his second wife, Lucy, third dau. of George Holmes, Esq., viz.,

1. Andrew, of Ballylin, an officer in the E.I.C.S.; d.s.p.
2. Thomas, lieut.-col, in the 17th regt. of foot; d. unm.
3. George, of the island of Jamaica; who m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. Philips, and widow of Andrew Waller, Esq., by whom he had issue,

3a. Thomas, capt. in the Longford militia; m. Miss Armstrong, of Ennis, in the co. of Clare, and had issue, George-Knox; Edmund, M.D.; Robert-Wallace, M.D., who d. unm.; Thomas-Holmes, merchant in Manchester (who m. in 1831, Anna, eldest dau. of the Rev. Blayney Mitchell, of Monaghan, and has issue, Lydia, Anna-Sophia, Harriet, Lucy-Ellen, and Ellen-Stewart); John-Simpson, barrister-at-law ; James-Henry; Anna, m. to Sir Benjamin Morris, Knt., late capt. 25th regiment; Jane, and Dorothea.
3a. Lucy-Mary, d. unm. at Sidmouth, 7 Jun. 1810.

George Armstrong m. 2ndly, in 1796, Harriet, 2nd dau. of Andrew Armstrong, Esq., and left by her, at his decease (being killed by falling into a dock at Bristol), three daus. viz., Harriet, Mary-Elizabeth, Isabella.
1. Elizabeth, m. in 1780, to Thomas Woods, Esq.; and d. at Parsonstown, 28 Feb. 1808, leaving issue.

I. Margaret, m. to George Brereton, Esq., and had issue.
II. Elizabeth, m. to Matthew Hyde, Esq. of Newtown, in the King's County, and had issue.

Archibald Armstrong, who had been treasurer of the King's County, d. at a very advanced age, 18 April, 1747, and was buried in the family burial place at Banagher. His 4th son,

ANDREW ARMSTRONG, Esq., was treasurer of the King's County, and for some time comptroller of the household to the lord-lieutenant of Ireland. He m. 1 Aug. 1724, Alphra, youngest dau. of Bigoe Henzell, Esq. of Barnagrotty, and by her (who d. 13 July, 1783) had issue,

I. Archibald, b. at Burnagratty, in 1726; m. Margaret, dau. of John Bagot, Esq. of Ard, in the King's County; and dying 13 June, 1793, left, with other children, who d. unm.

1. Andrew-Edmund-Bigoe, b. 1 June, 1774, who assumed the surname of BAGOT, in consequence of his uncle, William Bagot, having left him a share of his estate at Ard. He m. Mrs. Sidney Stretch, and left three daus., viz.,

1a. Sidney-Mary, m. in 1840, to Charles Bagot, Esq. of Kilcoursey, King's County.
1b. Fanny-Anne, m. to Abraham Fuller, eldest son of Abraham Fuller, Esq. of Woodfield, in the King's County.
1c. Sidney-Blanche.

2. Charlotte-Margaret, m. in 1780, to Richard Crosbie, Esq.

II. Thomas, a captain in the army; b. 27 Dec. 1729; who lived at Derrycooly, and afterwards at Ballycumber, where he d. 7 Nov. 1705, leaving by his wife, the dau. of Hugh Campbell, Esq., and widow of Hugh M'Laughlin, Esq., an only surviving child, Lucinda, b. at Dundee; m. to Benjamin Bird, Esq., and had issue.
III. ANDREW, of whom presently.
IV. Edmund, b. in 1735, of Fortie Hall, Enfield, Middlesex, and of Percy Street, London; army agent, appointed 25 Jan. 1794, groom of the privy chamber to GEORGE III., and made subsequently husband of the 4½ per cent. duties of the customs. He m. 1st, Miss Mackie, by whom he had an only dau., who d. young; and 2ndly, Fanny, dau. of William Armstrong, Esq. of Petworth, by whom be had three children, vis.,

1. William-Archibald, of Pengelly Lodge, b. in 1770; A.B., F.S.A., in holy orders, rector of Hykham, in Lincolnshire, u magistrate for the cos. of Hertford and Middlesex; m. in 1796, Charlotte E.-M. Hassell, younger dau. of Richard Hassell, Esq., and had issue,

1a. Edmund-John, lieut. R.N.; b. in Aug. 1798; m. in 1825, Miss Watson.
1b. Henry-William, of St. John's College, Oxon.
1c. George-Craven, b 2 April, 1806; lieut. in the E.I.C.S.
1d. Augustus, b. 19 April, 1810.
1e. William-Matthew, b. 2 March, 1814.
1f. Charles-Frederick, b. 6 Dec. 1814.
1a. Harriet-Frances.
1b. Avarilla-Alphra, m. in 1825, to Artemidorus-Cromwell Russell, Esq., eldest son of T.-A. Russell, Esq. of Cheshunt Park, Herts.
1c. Helen-Marianne-Monk.
1d. Fanny-Eliza-Raikes.

2 George-Andrew, b. in Oct. 1771; lieut.-general in the army; m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of George Hayward, Esq.; and 2ndly, Mary-Esther, dau. of T.-A. Russell, Esq. of Cheshunt Park; but d.s.p. 12 Nov. 1834.
1. Harriet-Ann.

V. Bigoe, b. 1731; d. unm. 1756.
I. Rebecca, b. in 1728; m. to Therlagh Magrath, Esq., and had three sons, and one dau., m. to Richard Warburton, Esq.
II. Lucy, m. to Humphrey Ellis, and had issue.

The 3rd son of Andrew Armstrong, by Alphra his wife,

ANDREW ARMSTRONG, Esq., b. in 1732, was an officer in the 14th regiment, but being severely wounded at the siege of Louisburg, he retired from the army. He resided at Garry Castle, in the King's County, whereof he was treasurer, and J.P. He m. 5 May, 1756., Elizabeth, only dau. of Capt. James Buchanan, of Craigavern and Dromakill, in Scotland, of the family of that ilk, and by her, who d. 21 Sept. 1813, aged seventy-two, had issue,

I. Archibald, b. 1 Nov. 1763; capt. in the E.I.C.S.; d.s.p.
II. Andrew, b. 20 Oct. 1764; Lieut. 54th regt.; m. 14 Jan. 1793, Anne, dau. of Andrew Armstrong, Esq. of Gallen, and had issue,

1. William-Bigoe, b. in 1801.
2. John
1. Constantia-Maria.
2. Elizabeth.

III. THOMAS-ST. GEORGE, of Garry Castle.
IV. WILLIAM-BIGOE, of Castle Iver.
V. James, b. 20 Aug. 1769; formerly lieut. 46th regt., an subsequently paymaster 57th. He m. in the West Indies and now resides in France.
VI. Edmund, b. 10 Jan. 1772; major in the E.I.C.S.; m. Miss Leonora Lucas; and d. in India, in 1809, having had one son and three daus., viz.,

1. Andrew-Bigoe, in the E.I.C.S.; b. 11 June, 1802; d. in the East Indies.
1. Leonora.
2. Mary-Elizabeth.
3. Catherine-Rebecca.

VII. Bigoe-Charles, b. 17 May, 1775; capt. in the 57th regt.; d. unm.
I. Catherine-Rebecca, m. 27 Jan. 1784, to Hugh Conrahy, Esq., and had issue.
II. Mary, m. in 1792, to Capt. William Grant, of the Clare militia, son of James Grant, Esq., and had issue.
III. Elizabeth, m. in 1794, to John Armstrong, Esq., lieut. royal Irish artillery, of the co. Fermanagh, and had issue,

The 3rd son,

THOMAS-ST. GEORGE ARMSTRONG, Esq. of Garry Castle House, King's County, high-sheriff in 1809, b. 14 Nov. 1765; m. 14 Feb. 1792, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Priaulx, Esq. of the island of Guernsey, of an ancient Norman family, and had surviving issue,

I. CARTERET-ANDREW, present, representative.
II. Thomas-St. George, b: April, 1798; m. Donna Justa de Villanueva, dau. of Don Pedro de Villanueva, a Castillian of noble descent, settled in Buenos Ayres, and has one son and four daus.
III. William-Bigoe, b. 18 April, 1800; m. twice: by his 1st wife, he has three sons and two daus.; and by the 2nd, two sons and one dau.
IV. John-Priaulx, b. 21 Jan. 1802; is magistrate for King's County since 1833; m. 20 Nov. 1827, his cousin, Emma, 6th dau. of the late Thomas Priaulx, Esq. of Montbelle House, in the Island of Guernsey, and had issue,

1. Thomas-Priaulx-St. George, b. 28 March, 1833; capt. in the 49th regt., and knight of the Legion of Honour.
2. John-Priaulx, b. 8 June, 1836, lieut, in the King's County militia.
3. James-St. George, b. 4 July, 1838, lt. in the 22nd regt.
4. Edmond-Ireland, b. 14 Aug. 1841.
5. Andrew-Carteret, b. 11 March, 1845.
1. Anna-Louisa, d. 10 Aug. 1850.

Arms-GU., three arms, vambraced, hands, ppr.
Crest-An armed hand and arm; in the hand a leg and foot in rich armour, couped at the thigh.
Motto-Vi et armis.
Seat-Garry Castle House, King's County.

Transcribed from A genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, by Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, fourth edition, 1862;
a.k.a. Burke's Landed Gentry, 1862