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 From these pages you can download GEDCOM files containing various family pedigrees and descents. If you would like to provide your own GEDCOM files for others to download then please contact me. I do not publish details of any living people except the name and sex (no dates or other details).

Visitations of Devon

Abbott of Hartland & Luffincott
Acland of Acland & Columbjohn
Adams of Tunstall
Addington of Leigh
Aleyn of Bampton
Amadas of Plymouth
Amerideth of Slapton
Amory of Chapell
Arscott of Dunsland
Ayre of Wotton
Babington of St. Mary Ottery
Badcocke of Shebbear

Barby of Washfield
Barkley of Okenbury
Bowyer of Knoll
Broughton of Warbrightley
Cary of Clovelly
Chappell of Whitston
Cheney of Pinhoe
Collamore of Braunton
Fursdon of Fursdon
Haydon of Cadhay
Holcombe of Hull
Martyn of Plymouth

Marwood of Westcot
Mortimer alias Tanner
Newcombe of Exeter
Noble of Bishops Tawton
Perry of Water
Phillips of Alverdiscott
Randall of Kentisbury
Rattenbury of Okehampton
Rede of Wembury
Staveley of East Buckland
Westcot of Raddon

Submitted files



Jade Hazell


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