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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Aaron Rogers 1765 Lyme Regis, Dorset Sarah Saunders
Adam Rogers 1791 Charmouth, Dorset Elizabeth Manning
Alice Rogers 1585 Cattistock, Dorset Thomas Gore
Andrew Rogers 1753 Stalbridge, Dorset Mary Stickley
Andrew Rogers 1758 Stalbridge, Dorset Martha Colman
Andrew Rogers 1778 Stalbridge, Dorset Elizabeth Arney
Andrew Rogers 1834 Stalbridge, Dorset Sarah Duffett
Andrew Rogers 1837 Stalbridge, Dorset Mary Anne West
Ann Rogers 1655 Cerne Abbas, Dorset George Raymond
Ann Rogers 1735 Fordington St. George, Dorset Christopher Foy
Ann Rogers 1782 Frome Vauchurch, Dorset Stephen Grossman
Ann Rogers 1807 Symondsbury, Dorset Robert Gard
Ann Rogers 1820 Stalbridge, Dorset William Tulk
Ann Rogers 1821 Stalbridge, Dorset William Aish
Bethia Rogers 1819 Stalbridge, Dorset Charles Jeans
Bethiah Rogers 1863 Stalbridge, Dorset Thomas Rogers Meshack Rice
Daniel Rogers 1764 Lyme Regis, Dorset Mary Bazely
Edieth Rogers 1621 in Chantmarell Chappell, Dorset Robert Roberts
Edith Rogers 1748 Stalbridge, Dorset Richd. Pool
El Rogers 1743 Broadwinsor, Dorset Henry Smith
Elinor Rogers 1625 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Richard Mynterne
Eliza Rogers 1827 Stalbridge, Dorset Ephraim Harris
Eliza Rogers 1843 Stalbridge, Dorset James Rogers George Parsons
Elizabeth Rogers 1602 Thorncombe, Dorset Thomas Waye
Elizabeth Rogers 1640 Cattistock, Dorset William Huntt