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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Elezebeth Perret 1738 Allington, Dorset Benjamlne Bartlet
Elizabeth Perret 1732 Bishops Caundle, Dorset John Down
Hannah Perret 1793 Allington, Dorset Richard Long
James Perret 1686 Allington, Dorset Joane Coammes
John Perret 1791 Allington, Dorset Mary Long
Jone Perret 1727 Allington, Dorset John Rendall
Mary Perret 1802 Broadwinsor, Dorset John Ham
Nicholas Perret 1594 Charminster, Dorset Jone Dyet
Richard Perret 1591 Maiden Newton, Dorset Jone Corrm
Thomas Perret 1630 Litton Cheney, Dorset Jane Browne
Walter Perret 1579 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Agnes Allinne
Marye Perrete 1618 Holnest, Dorset Henry Pope
Dinah Jane Perrett 1881 Marnhull, Dorset John Perrett Anthony Samuel Bugg
John Perrett 1595 Holnest, Dorset Thamsin E-
Robert Perrett 1609 Maiden Newton, Dorset Anne Beere