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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Northover 1612 Symondsbury, Dorset Androwe Balstone
Alice Northover 1755 Cerne Abbas, Dorset Robert Cockeram
Ann Northover 1726 Wraxall, Dorset John Flower
Ann Northover 1742 Fordington St. George, Dorset Charles Ledfield
Ann Northover 1801 Beaminster, Dorset Benjamin Barrett
Bessie Northover 1893 Sturminster Newton, Dorset Thomas Northover Charles Goddard
Bessie Susan Northover 1897 Hinton St Mary, Dorset James Northover William King
Catharine Northover 1747 Symondsbury, Dorset John Tucker
Dinah Northover 1723 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset John Darby
Edith Northover 1629 Symondsbury, Dorset Robert Lush
Edith Northover 1774 Cerne Abbas, Dorset Richard Knell
Edward Northover 1784 Litton Cheney, Dorset Keymis Galpen
Eliza Northover 1860 Sturminster Newton, Dorset George Northover Francis Douch
Elizabeth Northover 1783 Cerne Abbas, Dorset Charles Gale
Elizabeth Northover 1808 South Perrott, Dorset John Hill
Emily Northover 1852 Stalbridge, Dorset George Northover George Bollen
George Northover 1716 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Anne Sweet
George Northover 1830 Stalbridge, Dorset Harriet Mead
Henry Northover 1720 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Emme Ides
Henry Northover 1745 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Dorothy Bailey
Henry Northover 1798 Mosterton, Dorset Sarah Vincent
Honor Northover 1854 Sturminster Newton, Dorset William Fiander William Inkpen
James Northover 1760 Cattistock, Dorset Joan Major
James Northover 1770 Cattistock, Dorset Susanna Rogers
James Northover 1800 Fordington St. George, Dorset Susanna Pount