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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Norris 1716 Burstock, Dorset Samuel Norris
Arthur Norris 1889 Stalbridge, Dorset Edward Norris Mary Louise Jeans
Betty Norris 1789 Milton Abbey, Dorset William Thorn
Caroline Norris 1853 Stalbridge, Dorset James Norris William Ralph
Christian Norris 1657 Milton Abbey, Dorset John Norris John Stickland
Christopher Norris 1695 Milton Abbey, Dorset Sarah Barber
Deanes Norris 1578 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset John Haywarde
Eliz. Norris 1701 Burstock, Dorset Wm. Fowler
Elizth. Norris 1742 Fordington St. George, Dorset Wm. Marsh
Elizth. Norris 1812 Fordington St. George, Dorset Amos Lester
Frances Norris 1805 Milton Abbey, Dorset Thos. Churchill
George Norris 1662 Milton Abbey, Dorset Francis Derecke
George Norris 1679 Milton Abbey, Dorset Elionor Scott
George Norris 1696 Milton Abbey, Dorset Mary Norris
Giles Norris 1637 Litton Cheney, Dorset Mary Briant
Giles Norris 1642 Broadwinsor, Dorset Dorothy Hutchins
Hannah Norris 1751 Milton Abbey, Dorset John Arnold
Jane Norris 1662 Milton Abbey, Dorset John Huxford
Jane Norris 1808 Fordington St. George, Dorset Robert Peaty
Jane Norris 1814 Stalbridge, Dorset James Brown
Jhon Norris 1590 Burstock, Dorset Ales Huchens
Joan Norris 1628 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset John Sandeforde
Joan Norris 1717 Burstock, Dorset Hugh Cox
John Norris 1561 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Alice Markes
John Norris 1738 Thorncombe, Dorset Ann Mason