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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Edward Michell 1637 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Joan Huddy
Elizabeth Michell 1668 Hawkchurch, Dorset Richard Rockett
Grace Michell 1696 Fordington St. George, Dorset Timothy Rawles
Honor Michell 1622 Thorncombe, Dorset Nathaniell Shaue
Jane Michell 1667 Hawkchurch, Dorset Nicholas Turner
Joan Michell 1665 Hawkchurch, Dorset Stephen Honiborn
John Michell 1615 Thorncombe, Dorset Rebecca Hitchcocke
John Michell 1658 Milton Abbey, Dorset Alice Agers
John Langhorn Michell 1852 Hinton St Mary, Dorset Simon Michell Lucy Antell
Mary Michell 1702 Thorncombe, Dorset Edward Forsye
Mary Michell 1737 Hawkchurch, Dorset James Atkins
Mary Sarah Michell 1877 Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset John Michell John Muston
Nicholas Michell 1670 Hawkchurch, Dorset Sarah Knelland
Thomas Michell 1563 Broadwinsor, Dorset Elizabeth
Thomas MIchell 1583 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Margery Roche
William Michell 1613 Beaminster, Dorset Elioner Milborne