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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Jess 1788 Hawkchurch, Dorset John White
Elizabeth Jess 1755 Hawkchurch, Dorset William Powell
John Jess 1794 Hawkchurch, Dorset Elizabeth Dunster
Marmaduke Jess 1709 Hawkchurch, Dorset Mary Sansum
Mary Jess 1774 Chideock, Dorset John Hallet
Sarah Jess 1759 Hawkchurch, Dorset Rufus WThite
Susanna Jess 1765 Hawkchurch, Dorset George Powell
Aaron Jesse 1683 Lyme Regis, Dorset Ruth Wettcott
Ann Jesse 1618 Beaminster, Dorset Richard Smith
Elizabeth Jesse 1623 Beaminster, Dorset Robert Dare
James Jesse 1696 Hawkchurch, Dorset Julian Wotts
Mary Jesse 1734 Thorncombe, Dorset George Ously
Ann Jessop 1759 Beaminster, Dorset Stephen Crabb
Ann Jessop 1767 Beaminster, Dorset John Symes
Elizabeth Jessop 1748 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Robert Way
Esther Jessop 1786 Beaminster, Dorset Joseph Groves
Grace Jessop 1756 Beaminster, Dorset Reuben Oliver
Matthew Jessop 1793 Beaminster, Dorset Elizabeth Bishop
William Jessop 1756 Beaminster, Dorset Hester Oliver