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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Hussey 1794 Allington, Dorset John Bartlett
Ann Hussey 1798 Beaminster, Dorset Edward Cole
Ann Hussey 1811 Hook, Dorset John Cornick
Betty Hussey 1758 Hawkchurch, Dorset James Palmer
Edward Giles Hussey 1851 Marnhull, Dorset John Hussey Dorothea Mary Nichol
Elizabeth Hussey 1781 Great Toller, Dorset John Cornick
Elizabeth Hussey 1803 Thorncombe, Dorset William Whedon
Fred Archie Hussey 1919 Sturminster Newton, Dorset John Henry Hussey Margaret Louise Lofthouse
Hannah Hussey 1798 Thorncombe, Dorset Robert Cook
Harry Percy Hussey 1911 Sturminster Newton, Dorset Henry John Hussey Maggie Susan Penny
Henry Hussey 1761 Great Toller, Dorset Ann Legg
Hubert Hussey 1623 Symondsbury, Dorset Barbara Every
James Hussey 1810 Thorncombe, Dorset May Bowditch
Jessie Eliza Hussey 1916 Sturminster Newton, Dorset Henry John Hussey Francis George Rogers
Joanna Hussey 1804 Symondsbury, Dorset Robert Follett
John Hussey 1642 Litton Cheney, Dorset Elizabeth Better
John Hussey 1808 Symondsbury, Dorset Ann Whittle
Jone Hussey 1698 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset John Hounsill
Martha Hussey 1796 Beaminster, Dorset Samuel Willkins
Martha Hussey 1810 Symondsbury, Dorset George House
Mary Hussey 1761 Great Toller, Dorset John Courtney
Mary Hussey 1782 Chilfrome, Dorset George Legg
Mary Hussey 1805 Symondsbury, Dorset Robert Fooks
Mary Hussey 1811 Symondsbury, Dorset John Dicker
Mercy Hussey 1803 Thorncombe, Dorset James Way