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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Hayward 1617 Beaminster, Dorset John Horsford
Agnes Hayward 1706 Loders, Dorset Thomas Minifee
Albert Hayward 1866 Marnhull, Dorset James Hayward Elizabeth Crew
Alfred William Hayward 1889 Marnhull, Dorset John Hayward Sarah Ann Rake
Alice Lily May Hayward 1920 Stalbridge, Dorset William Thomas Hayward Sydney Frank New
Ann Hayward 1793 Loders, Dorset James Symes
Ann Hayward 1812 Allington, Dorset Jesse Spencer
Anna Hayward 1881 Marnhull, Dorset Enos Hayward Edwin Pike
Anne Hayward 1777 Allington, Dorset Thomas Peaden
Arthur William Hayward 1895 Marnhull, Dorset Albert Hayward Dora Warren
Arthur William Hayward 1906 Marnhull, Dorset Felix Hayward Ellen Warren
Charles John Hayward 1869 Marnhull, Dorset James Hayward Phebe Bastable
Charlotte Louisa Hayward 1868 Marnhull, Dorset Matthew Hayward Sidney George Elkins
Edeth Hayward 1628 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset William Barlett
Edieth Hayward 1614 Cattistock, Dorset Thomas Lovelace
Edith Hayward 1874 Marnhull, Dorset Frederick Hayward Thomas Arnold
Edward Hayward 1617 Beaminster, Dorset Edith Horsford
Elizabeth Hayward 1754 Allington, Dorset Samuel Marshall
Elizabeth Hayward 1876 Marnhull, Dorset Matthew Hayward Thomas ACourt
Ellen Hayward 1897 Marnhull, Dorset Job Hayward Tom A'Court
Emily Hayward 1869 Marnhull, Dorset Charles Hayward William Tulk
Enos Hayward 1855 Marnhull, Dorset William Harward Isabella Kendall
Enos Hayward 1860 Marnhull, Dorset James Hayward Emily Galpin
Fanny Hayward 1867 Marnhull, Dorset James Hayward George Drew
Felix Hayward 1866 Marnhull, Dorset Frederick Hayward Matilda Lewis