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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Adra Hallet 1694 Beaminster, Dorset Richard Hearn
Agnes Hallet 1587 Beaminster, Dorset James Stone
Agnes Hallet 1588 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Jo Crandon
Agnes Hallet 1606 Symondsbury, Dorset John Turner
Agnis Hallet 1624 Symondsbury, Dorset John Hallet
Alice Hallet 1606 Beaminster, Dorset Thomas Sprake
Alis Hallet 1570 Allington, Dorset Thomas Baker
Andrew Hallet 1633 Beaminster, Dorset Elizabeth Gundry
Androwe Hallet 1598 Symondsbury, Dorset Betryx Knote
Ann Hallet 1622 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Nycholaus Watson
Ann Hallet 1654 Allington, Dorset John Pitford
Ann Hallet 1736 Beaminster, Dorset Thos. Newman
Ann Hallet 1744 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Philip Mill
Ann Hallet 1760 Beaminster, Dorset James Read
Ann Hallet 1762 Beaminster, Dorset John Smith
Ann Hallet 1776 Beaminster, Dorset William Dunsby Meech
Ann Hallet 1788 Beaminster, Dorset James Snook
Anne Hallet 1640 Symondsbury, Dorset Robert Payne
Anne Hallet 1755 Beaminster, Dorset Thomas Park
Anne Hallet 1795 Chideock, Dorset John Symes
Avis Hallet 1682 Mapperton, Dorset Daniel Clare
Benjamin Hallet 1809 Litton Cheney, Dorset Martha Stroud
Bettey Hallet 1747 Beaminster, Dorset Josias Pitcher
Betty Hallet 1790 Thorncombe, Dorset Ellas Phelps
Chaterin Hallet 1581 Symondsbury, Dorset Thomas Chike