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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Dorothy Gibbes 1608 Thorncombe, Dorset Edward Downton
John Gibbes 1637 Charminster, Dorset Grace Oakes
Margaret Gibbes 1586 Thorncombe, Dorset Nicholas Stockham
Margaret Gibbes 1594 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset William Gibbes Andrew Abbington
Marie Gibbes 1623 Thorncombe, Dorset Richard Wood
Martho Gibbes 1655 Broadwinsor, Dorset Nichie Hardy
Mary Gibbes 1598 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset William Gibbes Henry Martine
Mary Gibbes 1636 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Gregory Gibbes Humphry Baily
Mary Gibbes 1699 Thorncombe, Dorset Anthony Freake
Mawde Gibbes 1617 Thorncombe, Dorset Henry Adams
Phillip Gibbes 1624 Thorncombe, Dorset Ambrose Thomas
Susan Gibbes 1679 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Thomas Abbot
Walter Gibbes 1621 Thorncombe, Dorset Anne Stevenns
William Gibbes 1617 Broadwinsor, Dorset Katherine Stoodlie