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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Fowler 1627 Beaminster, Dorset William Ireland
Agnes Fowler 1635 Thorncombe, Dorset George Dringe
Alce Fowler 1616 Thorncombe, Dorset William French
Alice Fowler 1605 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Nicholas Urry
Ann Fowler 1718 Thorncombe, Dorset Henry Welman
Ann Fowler 1774 Burstock, Dorset Thomas Gapper
Ann Fowler 1781 Hawkchurch, Dorset Daniel Powell
Ann Fowler 1786 Thorncombe, Dorset Abraham Bridle
Ann Fowler 1796 Beaminster, Dorset Mathew Paul
Anne Fowler 1757 Beaminster, Dorset Isaac Wilkins
Anne Fowler 1792 Thorncombe, Dorset John Jeffery
Betty Fowler 1734 Thorncombe, Dorset John Combe
Catherine Fowler 1613 Thorncombe, Dorset Roger Follett
Catherine Fowler 1800 Allington, Dorset Simon Way
Christian Fowler 1692 Thorncombe, Dorset William Palmer
Daniel Fowler 1696 Beaminster, Dorset Mary Hearn
Daniel Fowler 1754 Beaminster, Dorset Mary Soper
Daniel Fowler 1811 Lyme Regis, Dorset Sarah Newbury
Edith Fowler 1592 Beaminster, Dorset George Burges
Eliz. Fowler 1726 Broadwinsor, Dorset Thomas Hoskins
Eliza Fowler 1794 Bradpole, Dorset William Good
Elizabeth Fowler 1619 Thorncombe, Dorset William Tucker
Elizabeth Fowler 1704 Lyme Regis, Dorset George Coad
Elizabeth Fowler 1721 Bishops Caundle, Dorset John Syms
Elizabeth Fowler 1727 Charmouth, Dorset John Rowe