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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Amey Forsey 1750 Thorncombe, Dorset John Russell
Ann Forsey 1713 Symondsbury, Dorset John Duncket
Ann Forsey 1761 Broadwinsor, Dorset Henry Slade
Benjamin Forsey 1795 Symondsbury, Dorset Jane Hansford
Betty Forsey 1740 Thorncombe, Dorset Walter Hallet
Catharine Forsey 1808 Symondsbury, Dorset George Radford
Catherine Forsey 1794 Thorncombe, Dorset Robert Hunt
Catherine Forsey 1798 Symondsbury, Dorset Thomas Forsey Thomas Tuck
Christian Forsey 1774 Thorncombe, Dorset John Palmer
Daniel Forsey 1782 Hook, Dorset Elizabeth Bonnet Dunford
Eleanor Forsey 1744 Thorncombe, Dorset Henry Sugar
Elizabeth Forsey 1714 Symondsbury, Dorset Henery Pomery
Elizabeth Forsey 1790 Bothenhampton, Dorset Silas Cornick
Elizabeth Forsey 1798 Beaminster, Dorset Joseph Triar
Elizabeth Forsey 1807 Symondsbury, Dorset John Tuck
Ellas Forsey 1735 Thorncombe, Dorset Mary Bowditch
George Forsey 1792 Chideock, Dorset Martha Hansford
George Forsey 1794 Chideock, Dorset Elizabeth Woodcock
Hannah Forsey 1782 Thorncombe, Dorset John White
Hannah Forsey 1811 Great Toller, Dorset James Matthews
James Forsey 1804 Bothenhampton, Dorset Mary Cornick
Joan Forsey 1746 Thorncombe, Dorset Robert Bowditch
Joan Forsey 1749 Thorncombe, Dorset William Paull
John Forsey 1573 Thorncombe, Dorset Agnes Helian
John Forsey 1784 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Sarah Butcher