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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Betty Ewens 1771 Broadwinsor, Dorset Robert Bryant
Daniel Ewens 1795 Broadwinsor, Dorset M. Davy
Daniel Ewens 1810 Broadwinsor, Dorset Ann Genge
Eliz. Ewens 1805 Broadwinsor, Dorset Jo. Vincent
Elizabeth Ewens 1723 Mosterton, Dorset Richard Collingdon
Elizabeth Ewens 1785 Broadwinsor, Dorset Francis Holt
Hannah Ewens 1699 Burstock, Dorset Daniel Banks
Jenny Ewens 1773 Broadwinsor, Dorset George Gibbs
John Ewens 1723 Loders, Dorset Mary Pugsley
John Ewens 1724 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Elizabeth Buncombe
Mary Ewens 1691 Broadwinsor, Dorset Thomas Edgar
Mary Ewens 1805 Broadwinsor, Dorset Robert Barfoot
Richard Ewens 1783 Beaminster, Dorset Rebecca Daniel
Robert Ewens 1794 Beaminster, Dorset Betty Keech
Susanna Ewens 1692 Mosterton, Dorset Samuel Dally
Thomas Ewens 1759 Burstock, Dorset Mary Knott