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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Mary Aishelford 1750 South Perrott, Dorset William Brouse
Gyles Elford 1608 Cattistock, Dorset Anne Turner
Henry Elford 1800 Milton Abbey, Dorset Susanna Sturmy
John Elford 1637 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Mary Clarke
John Elford 1745 Stalbridge, Dorset Diana Snook
John Elford 1756 Bishops Caundle, Dorset Phoebe Downton
Jonathan Elford 1773 Cattistock, Dorset Elizabeth Green
Jone Elford 1596 Burstock, Dorset Steaven Hey
Joseph Elford 1771 Milton Abbey, Dorset Jane Hawkins
Maria Elford 1848 Sturminster Newton, Dorset Joseph Elford John Fish
Mary Ann Maria Elford 1846 Sturminster Newton, Dorset John Elford Jeremiah Upshall
Philip Elford 1717 Loders, Dorset Mary Way
Rhoda Elford 1831 Stalbridge, Dorset Samuel Parsons
Stephen Elford 1780 Milton Abbey, Dorset Mary Arnold
Susannah Elford 1750 Milton Abbey, Dorset Daniel Best
Thomas Elford 1800 Milton Abbey, Dorset Esther Bullen
Walter Elford 1912 Hinton St Mary, Dorset Issacha Elford Gertrude Rose