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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alice Child 1670 Milton Abbey, Dorset John Shipp
Francis Child 1651 Milton Abbey, Dorset William Wolridge
Joan Childes 1609 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Christopher Baker
William Childes 1637 South Perrott and Mosterton, Dorset Sarah Clappe
Charlotte Childs 1809 Cerne Abbas, Dorset Isaac Roles
Elizabeth Childs 1811 Halstock, Dorset William Gray
Eloner Childs 1611 Maiden Newton, Dorset John Gillingham
Francis Childs 1793 Halstock, Dorset Jane Brake
Hannah Childs 1810 Halstock, Dorset William Hambitch
James Childs 1786 Halstock, Dorset Edith Guppy
Joanna Childs 1804 Fordington St. George, Dorset John Norris
Louisa Childs 1822 Abbotsbury, Dorset Thomas Hardy Gover
Mary Childs 1806 Halstock, Dorset John Warr
Robert Childs 1749 Cerne Abbas, Dorset Alice House
Susannah Childs 1790 Cattistock, Dorset Thomas Russell
Thomas Childs 1786 Halstock, Dorset Elizabeth Seale