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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alce Chicke 1624 Allington, Dorset Frances Brooke
Alice Chicke 1599 Powerstock and West Milton, Dorset Nicholas Turner
Elizabeth Chicke 1599 Allington, Dorset William Edwards
Elizabeth Chicke 1605 Beaminster, Dorset William James
Elizabeth Chicke 1635 Beaminster, Dorset John Clare
Faith Chicke 1636 Loders, Dorset William Mores
George Chicke 1621 Cattistock, Dorset Alice Furmag
James Chicke 1608 Beaminster, Dorset Mary Rutly
Joane Chicke 1606 Beaminster, Dorset John Gudge
Joane Chicke 1650 Broadwinsor, Dorset Nicholas Biffen
Jone Chicke 1588 Allington, Dorset William Eggardon
Margaret Chicke 1624 Cattistock, Dorset Edward Tizer
Margert Chicke 1589 Allington, Dorset William Balstone
Mary Chicke 1680 Broadwinsor, Dorset William Sten
Richard Chicke 1601 Allington, Dorset Katheren Churchell
Robert Chicke 1607 Holnest, Dorset Alice Hymery
Roger Chicke 1569 Maiden Newton, Dorset Partesaye Duffett