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Pedigree chart
Birth 1760 (155) Birth  
Baptism   Baptism  
Will   Will  
Death 1797
aboard "Diligence", at sea, Atlantic Ocean (381)
Burial   Burial  
Probate   Probate  
Notes PENNELL & Co. Merchants and shipowners of Topsham and Newfoundland. Daniel (& John?) in partnership with brother William (The Consul) also his father or brother Lovell?
1974 Following notes from Professor HANDCOCK to Miss HOLMAN of Topsham Museum. "All ships below appear to be "bankers" " ie fishing boats to work off a
1781 Topsham Shipowners' Register.1st "Diligence" 48 ton built at Trinity, Nfland (by Daniel?)
1787 Owned by PENNELL & PENNELL of Topsham
1785 Wiliam &/or Lovell Pennell, Jackson & (John)Follett, merchants, trading to Newfoundland & located at harbour in Trepassy, Newfoundland
1788 "Downes" 59 tons owned by Pennells. 1791
1788 2nd "Diligence" 48 ton built at Trepassy
1792 "Downs " captured by Spanish cruiser while en route to Ireland. Built at Placertea? Nfld
1799 2nd "Downes" Owned by PENNELL of Topsham.
1791 "Sally" 46 ton, built at Temple Bay Labrador, owned by Pennells.
1793 "Rectitude" built at St Mary's Bay Nfdland
1794 "Industry" 42 ton, built at Trepassy
1795 "Industry" partly owned by Pennell & Co. of Topsham being partly owned by John WOOLCOMBE sailmaker, & John Warner shipbuilder of Poole. John Woolcombe bro in law of Daniel.
1794 "Industry" owned by PENNELLs of Topsham, Daniel being in St Johns Nfdland.
1797 "Rectitude" captured by French.
1797 "Diligence" lost at sea with its register but owned then by Daniel PENNELL who died when she went down. Master Richard KNIGHT & all crew lost.
1797 David & Danile(sic) Pennell, merchants of Trepassy, Newfoundland. Pennell Shoal named after them. Who is David?
1797 12 May Daniel P's Will dated, proved 18 Mar 1801. PCC.

No Children