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About this Database
This database contains transcripts of Marriage records from many parish registers. The ones currently completed are listed below:

Desford, Leicestershire from 1559 - 1837
North Luffenham Rutland from 1565 - Dec 1832
Frome, Somerset from 1558 - 1585
Peckleton, Leicestershire from 1567 - 1837
Doddington-Pigot, Lincolnshire from 1562 - 1812
Lanivet, Cornwall from 1608 - 1812
Kirby Mallory, Leicestershire from 1571 - 1639
Tintagel, Cornwall from 1588 - 1812
St. Tudy, Cornwall from 1560 - 1594

A note about Parish Registers

Thomas Cromwell first ordered in 1538 that in every parish, in England and Wales, a list must be kept recording all baptisms, burials and marriages. Initially, these records were kept on loose leaves but the rules were later tightened by James I ordering the records to be kept in parchment books. His order stated that all previous entries, back to at least the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth in 1558, must be transcribed into the new books. Unfortunately, many parish clerks only did as instructed and the 20 or so years previous to 1558 were lost when the originals were destroyed. Some do remain (about 800) complete back to 1538 - this explaining the variations in the start of parish registers.
There has never been any regulation as to the amount of information which must be recorded, so the records vary greatly, although in 1754 "Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act" introduced a set of printed forms which has helped keep records fairly consistent since that time. The Act was introduced in an attempt to make illegal all clandestine marriages for which no publication of banns, or a licence had been granted, and after 25th March 1754 were to be classed as void unless they had been performed in a church or chapel.